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Taking a screenshot or making a screen recording - Wissensdatenbank / General - European School Education Platform Support

Taking a screenshot or making a screen recording


Screenshots and/or screen recordings help a lot in debugging a technical issue. Please see below instructions for different systems.


  • Use the built-in functionality for screenshots: In Windows 10 and later this works with all browsers. You can use the PrtScn button or the combination Windows + Shift + S.

  • Use the Xbox Game Bar for screen recordings: This works on Windows 10 and later with all browsers; it only captures 1 screen at a time (the active screen). To activate it, press Alt + Windows + R. You will find the recordings in the folder Videos > Captures.

  • Download & use Flameshot

  • Download & use ShareX from their website


  • Use the Screenshot toolbar: To view the Screenshot toolbar, press these three keys together: Shift + Command + 5. You will see on-screen controls for recording the entire screen, recording a selected portion of the screen, or capturing a still image of your screen.

  • Use QuickTime Player: Open QuickTime Player from your Applications folder, then choose File > New Screen Recording from the menu bar.

  • Download & use Flameshot


  • Use GNOME's screen recording tool: If your distribution uses a recent version of GNOME (like Ubuntu) or derivatives (like Cinnamon on Linux Mint), you can use this tool. You will find the recordings in the folder Videos > Screencasts.

  • Use KDE’s screen recording tool Spectacle

  • Download & use Flameshot

  • Find some other alternatives

What about mobile devices?

Screenshots and screen recordings from mobile devices are not very useful to us. They don't display all necessary information because of the screen size. Please use a laptop or computer.

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